The easiest way to start the employee suggestion program you’ll be proud of…

…Start your Employee Suggestion Program with the
Great Idea TeleClinic

Now it’s easy to start your program…

You and your team don’t have to struggle through frustrating meetings before starting your employee idea and suggestion program. The Great Idea TeleClinic makes it easy for you and your team to design and launch your employee suggestion program.  No need to battle headaches when getting started. The Great Idea TeleClinic is personalized and tailored for you. The convenient  teleconference coaching makes it easy for you and your team to make your start-up decisions with confidence.

How the Great Idea TeleClinic works… Jim Collison conducts your TeleClinic in a series of 60- to 90- minute teleconference calls. In these teleconference calls he guides you in the steps you and your team have to take and the decisions you have to make…to launch your own continuous employee suggestion program.

How long does this take? The Great Idea TeleClinic is up to six hours of tele-coaching, divided in three to four (more if necessary) teleconference calls.  In these teleconference calls you and your team members receive step-by-step coaching from Jim Collison, making it easy for you and your team to design and start your own employee suggestion system…one that will gain high employee participation.

What you and your team will do in your Great Idea TeleClinic…

■  You will make the nuts-and-bolts decisions that will launch your on-going employee suggestion program… and keep it going with a high level of employee participation.

■  You will create your own BLITZ! – to kick off your suggestion program with a one-week to ten-day focus on getting all your employees quickly involved and submitting ideas.

■  You will decide on a variety of ways to keep your employees generating and giving you their ideas week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year.

What you will receive in your Great Idea TeleClinic…

■   You will receive step-by-step coaching from Jim Collison, author of The Complete Employee Handbook Made Easy, to make it easy for you to design and start your idea and employee suggestion program…one that will gain high employee participation.

■  You will receive The Complete Suggestion Program Made Easy Leader’s Manual, with step-by-step instructions and forms to assure the on-going success of your suggestion program.

■  You will receive dozens of tips and ideas that will make your employee suggestion program fun, motivating, and rewarding for you and your employees.

Topics and activities covered in the first Great Idea TeleClinic session…

The Great Idea TeleClinic begins with a 60- to 90-minute Exploring Suggestion Program Basics and Actions “TeleShop.”

Topics covered in this first TeleClinic session include:

1. Open your eyes to hidden riches…those cost-cutting, money-making ideas already in your employees’ heads.

2. Explore the hidden riches beyond the dollars…the quality-improvement and other ideas already in your employees’ heads.

3. Objections (to overcome) to harvesting those employee ideas and suggestions.

4. What’s your next move? What initial decisions must you make to get started?

5. How NOT to start your idea program.

6. The essential building blocks for a continuous employee suggestion program.

7. Best steps to launch your continuous idea program.

8. How to keep on harvesting the employees’ ideas and suggestions.

9. Answering five questions to move forward.

More topics and activities covered…and decisions you will make…in the following Great Idea TeleClinic sessions…

1. Create the guiding Vision for your suggestion program.
2. Explore and decide the executable Goals for your program.
3. Decide your criteria for measuring progress.
4. Choose a Name…Motto (Slogan)…and a Logo for your program.
5.  Decide if you will launch your ongoing suggestion program by first launching a BLITZ.
6.  Select a Launch Date for your program.
7.  Decide the rules or guidelines for your suggestion program.
8.  Design the Forms and ways in which your employees will submit ideas.
9.  Decide on the Awards you will give for ideas.
10. Involve your attorney in finalizing the rules and guidelines.
11. Involve your Tax Advisor in the question of taxation of the value of awards.
12. Decide on the mechanics and manner of evaluation and approval of suggestions.
13. Plan training for supervisors, managers, and the Idea Evaluation Team.
14. Decide activities to promote awareness and interest in our suggestion program.
15. Explore actions and activities to keep the ideas flowing from your employees.

How the Great Idea TeleClinic will benefit you and your firm or organization…

SAVE MONEY. Your business or organization will reap big savings.
An active employee suggestion program typically generates new ideas that save the employer over $750 (average) per employee, per year.
IMPROVE QUALITY, PRODUCTION, and SAFETY. Your successful employee suggestion program, with high employee participation, will generate new ideas that improve productivity, quality, and safety.
MOTIVATION. Your well-promoted employee suggestion program, with recognition to employees for their ideas, boosts employee morale and motivates your employees for better overall results in your workplace.
LESS STRESS, LESS PRESSURE. TeleCoaching  in your Great Idea TeleClinic makes it much easier for you and your team to move forward, more confidently making all the decisions to start and continue your program. First, you don’t have to travel long distances to a start-up seminar. Second, you don’t have to struggle researching employee suggestion programs and wrestle alone with making tough decisions. Jim Collison, your TeleClinic coach, guides you and your team through all the decision-making steps.
SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY. Your company or organization saves money because you and your team get the expert guidance you want without spending big sums on traveling to a start-up seminar. And you save time – which means money – because Jim Collison’s TeleCoaching helps you speed up the process of making the decisions and doing the planning for your program.

Five excellent reasons to use low-cost TeleClinic coaching to easily design and launch your employee suggestion program

Convenient. TeleClinic coaching is convenient for you and for your start-up team. There’s no travel to a distant seminar. There’s no lost-time traveling and staying overnight. There’s no rigid scheduling you and your associates have to comply with. With the Great Idea TeleClinic coaching to start or re-start your employee suggestion program, you arrange the times for the tele-conference sessions that fit your schedule.

Low-cost. TeleClinic coaching is low-cost. You pay one low fee for up to six hours of tele-coaching, divided into three to four (more if necessary) tele-conference calls. Included in the low fee you will receive the IdeaTracker Kit which includes The Complete Suggestion Program Made Easy manual. Plus…for the one low fee, you can have your team gather around a speaker phone and all participate in the TeleClinic coaching…at no additional cost.

Personalized. You will receive a Step-by-Step Action Outline. During the TeleClinic sessions the coaching and guidance on all of the essential steps and decisions is tailored to your own business or organization.

Practical. The TeleClinic coaching means no sitting through boring lectures and boring PowerPoint frames. Instead, the entire time in the TeleClinic sessions is spent focusing on the Action Steps and decisions you and your associates will take to launch (or restart) your own highly rewarding employee suggestion program.

Tailored for you. TeleClinic coaching sessions are not cookie-cutter presentations. Who today wants to sit through six hours or more of coaching and training in a seminar or workshop? Who wants to sit through three or four webinars staring at PowerPoint slides? With TeleClinic coaching you get instant communication with your coach, in several conveniently-scheduled tele-conference coaching sessions. The coach, Jim Collison, and you talk about your goals and how you and your people will achieve your goals in a program that you decide fits your business or organization.

You might be asking, “What’s special and unique about Jim Collison’s suggestion program start-up coaching?”

“What does Jim Collison bring to coaching us that’s special and unique?”

Here’s how I answer that question:

When I first hired and supervised employees I had quite a negative attitude about employees. In a word, I thought of employees as headaches. About 25 years later I, with several other employers, started what became Employers of America, Inc. And I still was thinking of employees as headaches and I thought my role was to help employers lessen their headaches by dealing with employee problems.

In time, though, my entire attitude toward employees changed. So what happened?


One early experience was coaching the management staff of a major distributor to develop an action plan for cutting and controlling employee-related costs. At my first meeting with the company president and the department heads I learned this was the first time all of them had gotten together to talk about the business’s needs. Amazing. I began to wonder if the root of the company’s cost problems lay with the management-level problem of poor communication.

In our Employers of America newsletter I began urging bosses and managers to tap into their employees’ ideas and suggestions. I began urging employers to harness their employees’ brain power.

By the 1990s I was hiring people for their brains and giving them the freedom – and most important, the responsibility – to use their brains.

And I decided if I’m preaching the power of suggestion programs to employers I’d better launch an employee suggestion program with our own small workforce. And I came to realize employees have tremendous brain power when we in management encourage them to use it.

My next goal was to develop a database software to keep track of all the suggestions submitted by employees and keep track of all the activity relating to those ideas. That’s how the IdeaTracker database was born. At the same time, I wrote a step-by-step manual for employers to use to set up and launch – and keep going – their own successful employee suggestion program. That’s how my manual – The Complete Suggestion Program Made Easy – was born.

“So, what is special and unique about me as an Idea Coach?” you’re asking.

These years of experience I’ve had as an employer and as someone who has deeply and broadly researched employee suggestion programs…and shared my findings with employers…and administered my own employee suggestion program…mean I bring two unique strengths to coaching your Great Idea TeleClinic:

One. My experience in the employer-employee relationship.

I started hiring and managing employees more than 50 years ago. As president of Employers of America, Inc., I’ve coached hundreds of owners, managers and supervisors how to avoid, deal with, and overcome employee-related challenges. And when it comes to getting management people to solicit employees’ ideas and to getting employees to enthusiastically share their ideas…I know what’s going on in their minds. I know what’s causing resistance. I know what successful employee suggestion programs do to motivate people in management and employees to cooperate to launch and sustain a continuous employee suggestion program.

If you want a good, compact summary of what I’ve learned about how to prepare and launch a successful employee suggestion program, request a copy of my mini-book, Hidden Riches: How You Can Discover Hidden Wealth from Your Employees’ Ideas.

Two. My passion.

My mission when I’m coaching for soliciting and harvesting employees’ ideas is simple: Empower Everyone. I’m passionate about empowering everyone.

Nine times out of 10 it’s people – from the first-day employee to the owner or CEO – who drive profits and drive the success of the best businesses and organizations. That’s why I focus on helping businesses and organizations excel by continuously asking for and harvesting employees’ ideas and suggestions.

Nearly every day most of us have more brain power available than we ever seriously put to use. It’s our hidden genius.

Back when I helped start Employers of America, Inc., our very popular slogan was Profit is Not a Dirty Word. Making a profit is essential, of course. But there’s something even more important than profits. What drives me today is more than a slogan. And it’s my passion. Employees’ Ideas Drive Profits.

Jim Collison, President
Employers of America, Inc.