Jim Collison

Jim Collison

What’s my passion?

Why I’ll help you achieve your employee suggestion program goals

By Jim Collison, President, Employers of America, Inc.

You’re probably familiar with packs of questions people can use to get conversations going around a dinner table.

These packs of hundreds of conversation-starter questions include questions like these:

Question: On your best day, what color are you? If you want to get to know me, that’s a good question to start with. So, on my best day what color am I? That’s easy. Sunlight gold. Torch sunflower blazing orange.

A second question: What’s your kite? The thing that makes you soar?

My wife, Val, says “You have kites scattered all over the house.” She’s talking about all my books.

In a bookstore what section am I drawn to? Because the books I’m drawn to point to where my kites are found. Well, I’ve got books scattered all through the house and all around my office. Louis L’Amour westerns, plus mysteries and detective thrillers, spiritual and religious and life improvement books, quantum physics and science exploration, books, biographies of movers and shakers, history explorations1books on a myriad of subjects.

This scattering of kites tells me what pulls me and engages me are explorations, creativity and idea-generation unending. What makes me soar? My world today is just an expansive unfolding of the summertime world of my childhood in small town Blue Earth, Minnesota. Curiosity, exploration, running free, swimming in the cow-pie soup flowing through a flooded pasture in the springtime.

A third question: What is something I believe that almost nobody agrees with me on?

That everyone has genius potential. In the 1970s when I was in the reading improvement business I learned when I taught supposedly “dummy” students how to read that I could successfully teach reading to anyone with the mental ability to learn the alphabet. And in the 1980s and ‘90s as I researched and began publicizing employee suggestion programs I learned every employee has the mental equipment to come up with good ideas.

All this leads to the passion that drives my creating IdeaTracker software and the Great Idea TeleClinic.

Ask me to describe myself in one sentence. Okay, here it is. My parents empowered me to grow, I empowered myself to keep breaking through obstacles in learning, I’ve spent my life empowering my children and others I connect with to grow and achieve.

So, what’s my passion? Beauty, beauty I see in others. Not just the physical beauty but the inner beauty of goodness and growth and achievement. Seeking and learning, continuous learning and creativity. In two words, my passion is Empower Everyone.

My passion backs up my commitment to help you and others empower everyone in your workforce to soar by continuously soliciting and harvesting everyone’s ideas and contributions.

What? You’d rather read my boring bio sketch? Okay, here it is.

Jim Collison’s Bio Sketch

Jim Collison is an author, business executive, publisher, and a lay minister.

Jim is author of NO-How Coaching: Strategies for Winning in Sports and Business from the Coach Who Says “NO!” He is author of HIDDEN RICHES: How You Can Discover Hidden Wealth from Your Employees’ Ideas...The Complete Suggestion Program Made Easy, and The Complete Employee Handbook Made Easy. Jim also is author of Skill-Building in Advanced Reading, Mental Power in Reading, and Cut and Control Employee-related Costs.

Jim is president of Employers of America, Inc., providing software, coaching and training to employers, managers, and supervisors.

He is a founding member of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Committee in Waterloo, Iowa. He served as a member of the advisory council for the Center for Industrial Research and Service, associated with Iowa State University. He is a past president of the Iowa Planning Association.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. John’s University, Collegeville, Minn. He taught on both the high school and college levels and has served as an education consultant.

Jim designed an education program called ALERT (Adult Literacy and Employment Reading Training) and wrote and conducted such workshops as: Start on Success in Your Own Business, the Employer Survival Workshop, Power Over Fear, How to Take Advantage of Crisis and Change, and How to Help, Energize and Lead People.

Jim is a lay assistant minister with the Congregational Church (UCC), Orchard, Iowa. He and his wife, Val, live in Mason City, Iowa. His greatest passions of all are his wife, their children, and their grandchildren.